Artist Statement

To make an art of the incidental, the peripheral, the transitory – an art of things not looked at … invisible … yet still somehow perceived

~ Lawrence Weschler

I am interested in the interaction between the intentional and the accidental, memory and presence in creating meaning. How does the palimpsest of experience engage with material and symbol to suggest a map by which we understand our time and place?

In my most recent work I continue with an exploration of horizon: that tenuous edge where here and there, and now and then meet. I use ink, pencil, pastel and acrylic with attention to timing. The dance between time and materials invites encounters with serendipitous moments of perception before ideation and recognition snap the new into the familiar and invisible.

Of Horizon

Horizon, ink, pencil, pastel, gesso, tissue and gel medium on claybord panel, 12 x 12 in

Copyright © 2015 Angela Smith Waxman All Rights Reserved

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