Angela Smith WaxmanMy school friends came from many different countries and I think my fascination with how we each construct the world differently stems from this time.

I have always loved to draw. If no pencil and paper was at hand there were always intriguing patterns to be discovered in cracks in the pavement and shadows on the wall which obligingly coalesced to form figures, maps, and landscapes.  As an adult I continued to study art and took classes whenever possible. Whenever I saw something beautiful I would try to learn how it was made and why.

I believe art is not only a delight to the senses but also a form of inquiry into ideas that may only just be coming into being. This idea of art as another means to investigate and communicate non-verbal truths led to my exploration into the interaction between the intentional and the accidental and how meaning is created from memory and presence. I want to evoke the moment of first perception of a gestalt just before apprehension leads to categorization. I see this as a return to my initial interest in the different ways each person constructs reality.

My work is process driven and I try to stay open to suggestions that arise from the interplay between media and the surface. Painting involves both creation and destruction and I find I am more successful when I am least afraid and most open to faith.


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  • Claire Murphy says:

    Hi Angela,

    Congratulations on graduating. My how time flies, I can’t believe it’s been 3 years (or more?) since you left! I look forward to following your website and seeing your work. I have one copy of your painting in my kitchen and another in my office.


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